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Pool Compliance Certificates are issued after your inspections by a registered swimming pool inspector in Melbourne, Victoria.

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The new pool fence regulations were released in Victoria in December 2019. Every swimming pool and spa must be inspected by a registered inspector, and a Certificate of Compliance must be issued and submitted to the Council every 4 years.

At Balwyn Pool Fence Inspections, we are authorised and able to help you carry out the assessment and inspection on your pool, and issue a compliance certificate once your pool barrier has met the regulations.

Before issuing a compliance certificate, we will check:

What Happens If The Pool Fence Isn't Compliant?

After inspecting your pool and spa fences against our expertise in pool compliance, we will issue you with a written report. If the pool is non-compliant, you will be given 60 days to rectify the issues and then we will re-inspect.

Upon the re-inspection, we will check the relevant areas of your pool fence to ensure it is now compliant. If compliant, we will issue a Compliance Certificate.

As we have seen all sorts of safety issues, we’re able to make excellent recommendations on how to rectify any issues that pop up as soon as possible. Tom also has connections with local businesses to ensure you can quickly (and reasonably) get your pool compliant.

Does My Pool Need A Compliance Certificate?

You may need a pool compliance certificate, but it depends on the following:

• If your pool was built On or before 30th June 1994 the compliance certificate must be lodged by 1st June 2022.
If your pool was built Between 1st June 1994 until 30th April 2010 the compliance certificate must be lodged by 1st June 2023.
If your pool was built Between 1st May 2010 until 31st October 2020 the compliance certificate must be lodged by 1st June 2024.
• If your pool was built On or after 1st November 2020 the compliance certificate must be lodged within 30 days of an occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection

Not sure what to do? Call Tom, we’re happy to help!


Certified Inspector

Tom Richards has many years of experience inspecting pools across Melbourne, and always goes the extra mile

Solution-Focused Attitude

We will focus on providing the best solution if there are issues. This is what most inspectors overlook.

Fast Process

With our connections, we can get your pool compliant quickly and efficiently, whilst also keeping the overall cost reasonable.

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