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Pool Fence Regulations Victoria

Due To The New Pool Fence Regulations In Victoria:

  • Your pool or spa must have a safety barrier
  • Pool fencing/barrier must be a minimum of 1.2 metres high
  • Pool fencing gates must be self-closing and self-latching
  • Access to pools or spas must be child-resistant
  • The bottom gap of the pool fence should not be more than 10cm
  • The gap between the vertical bars on the pool barrier must be less than 10cm
  • Other requirements relating to the climbing ability of the fence and objects close to the fencing


Once these requirements are met and your pool has been inspected, you will be issued with a Compliance Certificate

Pool Fence Regulation Resources

Self-Assessment checklists from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) website:

VBA-Pool-and-Spa-Safety-Barrier-Self-Assessment-Checklist-1.pdf for pools/spas built on or before 30th June 1994.

VBA-Pool-and-Spa-Safety-Barrier-Self-Assessment-Checklist-2.pdf for pools/spas built between 1st July 1994 & 30th April 2010.

VBA-Pool-and-Spa-Safety-Barrier-Self-Assessment-Checklist-3.pdf for pools/spas built between 1st May 2010 & 31st October 2020.


Kidsafe Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia


SPASA Swimming Pool & Spa Association

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